Carpet Care & Warranty

Care for your Carpeted Floors

Carpeted flooring has been a huge part of our homes for over a century. It is warm, comforting and soft under our feet but can be hard to keep looking fresh
  • Avoid dragging heavy furniture over your carpets as this can produce wrinkles or cause a friction burn
  • Carpet has an elasticity that allows it to move with warmer and cooler temperatures. If very heavy furniture is place in a room there is a possibility of it not being able to expand and contract. This may result with wrinkles in the carpet, Re-stretching the carpet may be required.
  • When vacuuming avoid using a beater bar as this can prematurely breakdown the fibers causing it to look worn and old before its time. Vacuum high traffic areas frequently. Walking on soiled carpets can make the dirt work it’s way below the surface causing the carpet to look matted or stained.
  • If you happen to see a loose fiber or snag, do not pull on it. Simply trim the loose fiber to avoid unraveling.
  • On lighter carpets avoid wearing darker sock as the dyed fibers can be transferred to the carpet.
  • When possible avoid walking barefoot as the oils may be embedding into the carpet fibers causing then to hold onto stains and change the appearance of your floors.
  • Spills Happen. Simply blot, (don’t scrub) the affected area with an approved carpet cleaner.
  • All carpets need to be cleaned annually. Make this part of your spring cleaning or winter prep. Every manufactures warranty will state this is necessary for longevity of your floors. Hot water extraction will be your friend. Hire a professional carpet cleaner or rent an approved carpet cleaner.
  • Do not allow the carpet to stay wet for an extended period of time. This will cause the carpet backing to dissolve and release from the fibers, you could also risk mold harboring in the carpet leading to illness.