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Endless Flooring Options at Our Store

Volume Floors has countless flooring options, to compliment the style of any home or business. We welcome you to visit us in store, to view our large variety of flooring samples.

Not sure what type of flooring you want yet? No problem! We always have a flooring specialist in our shop, who can answer questions and make recommendations. When possible, you can even bring samples home to make sure you are 100% confident in your purchase.

The Top 3 Considerations When Choosing New Flooring

1. Flooring Cost

Looking for Budget-Friendly Options?

Cost is often at the top of people’s list of concerns when replacing flooring in their house. That’s why we make sure to have budget-friendly flooring options in stock, at all times. When shopping Volume Floors’ personal brands of laminate and ceramic tile, you’re sure to get the best price possible.

With so many types of carpet in store, there are always affordable carpet options available.

If you love the look of hardwood, but want to keep costs down, laminate or sheet vinyl flooring can provide the aesthetic you love at half the cost. Luxury vinyl tile can also mimic the appearance of tile or stone.

2. The Room

Floors That Are Right for Each Space

You may want a cozy carpet for where your kids play, a durable floor for a home gym, or waterproof flooring for your bathroom. Make sure to choose flooring that is a natural fit for how you use each room.

You may also want to think about noise considerations. For example, if your TV room is above a child’s bedroom, you should choose flooring that helps dampen sound.

It’s also a good idea to consider how much maintenance and cleaning you’ll need to take on. In the case of an entry way- you likely don’t want to choose carpet. If you hate cleaning grout lines, you may want to consider waterproof vinyl options, or a tile that suits dark grout.

3. Room Design

What Look & Feel Do You Enjoy?

You may or may not be passionate about home-design, but you likely care about how a room makes you feel! So take some time to think about your style preferences.

Floor colors and patterns play a huge role in the appearance of a room. If you want a spacious and airy feel, go for lighter colors or wood grains. White, gray, and black suits modern homes well, while a Farmhouse look features more natural, rustic looking materials. If you enjoy standing out and have an artistic flair, bolder colors and geometric patterned tile or area rugs might be just what you’re looking for.

Our Flooring Options

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