Carpet Care and Warranty

Carpet Care

Carpet flooring has had a huge impact on our lives. Virtually every home has carpet somewhere. If you want to keep your carpet looking fresh and new make sure you follow these simple steps.

~Avoid dragging heavy furniture over the carpet; this may cause the carpet to lose its elasticity. When it loses its elasticity carpets will start to wrinkle.

~When vacuuming your carpet avoid using you vacuums beater bar, this will open up the carpets fibers and wear it down faster.

~Clean up spills and messes right away, any spills that stay in your carpet may seep into your underlay and if not taken care up promptly could cause damage or odours.

~Only use cleaning aids meant specifically for carpets, and you should always spot test before cleaning to make sure there is not dye transfers.

~When doing spots cleans never scrub the carpet, always blot. This will keep the fibers intact.

~Avoid wearing shoes in the house; dirt in your shoes will break down your carpets

~If you have light carpeting, avoid wearing dark socks as the lint and dyes from your socks will transfer to your carpet and stain it.

~If possible move your furniture around to avoid the ‘Carpet Dent’ alternately if you happen to get carpet dents use the edge of a coin to gently scrape out the dent. You can also use a hair dryer or steam iron to lift the dent, just be careful to not touch the carpet with the iron as to burn the fibers

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