Laminate Floor Care and Warranty

Laminate Care

Laminate behaves and reacts very similar to hardwood floors and should be treated and cared for much the same. 


~Attach felt protectors onto furniture feet when sitting on laminate flooring, this will limit the chances of scratching. 

~Place carpets and area rugs on your laminate floor. Rugs or carpets can be places in areas of heavy foot traffic or under furniture to prevent scratching and marring of the laminate flooring. 

~Place carpets or rugs on your laminate flooring. Rugs or carpets can be placed in areas with heavy foot traffic or under furniture to prevent scratches and scrapes from damaging the laminate flooring.  

~Place rubber or non-slip pads beneath your rugs in heavy foot traffic areas to prevent them from sliding around.  

~Make sure you are lifting the area rugs every time you clean your floor as to avoid dust from scratching your floor.  

~Keep the humidity levels in your home between 35 and 65 percent. This will prevent your laminate flooring from warping due to the expansion or contraction from moisture in the air. 

~Use a humidistat to measure the humidity levels in your home. You may already have a humidistat built into your thermostat or humidifier, or you can purchase one from a retail store that specializes in home repair.  

~Use a humidifier during dry conditions to prevent your laminate flooring from shrinking, and use an air conditioner or dehumidifier in wet conditions to prevent your flooring from expanding.  

~Clean or mop up spills from the laminate flooring as soon as they occur. This will prevent liquids from entering any cracks or joints in your flooring, which can eventually weaken your laminate flooring or cause it to warp.  

~Use a soft cloth or microfiber mop to clean up spills instead of an abrasive sponge or other material that can scratch your flooring.  

~Avoid using abrasive chemicals on your floors, only use products specifically designed for laminates as per manufacturers specifications.  

~Avoid wearing shoes in your home and keep your pets nails trimmed at all times to avoid scratching of the laminate surface.  

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